Airometrix is not affiliated, directly or indirectly, with any manufacturers and does not sell or promote any specific technologies. Each project is analyzed to recommend the most cost-effective approach and is tailored to the particular plant operational requirements. Our system analysis entails in-field compressor performance testing in compliance with the ASME Power Test Code load to atmosphere requirements for compressors (the same requirements manufacturers use to test compressors in the factory).

We perform electrical and gas pre-metering (typically for two weeks) using three-phase power meters to data log compressor energy within the facility. This is key to understanding the behavior of the air system and gives us the ability to predict energy savings, as well as make accurate predictions of the impact of recommended changes.

Airometrix is the only company in the industry using this comprehensive, tailored, holistic approach.

Airometrix provides a very focused, engineering approach to our projects using degreed and professional engineers as the project lead. Analysis is performed and reports written by personnel who are on-site at the facility. All recommended improvements to the system are analyzed and energy savings are explicitly stated for each measure, including any interactive affects if multiple options are available for a given approach.

Our recommendations to end-users are designed to provide solid engineering analysis to justify a course of action including baseline energy use and energy savings achievable for each individual efficiency opportunity. This approach allows us to focus on the most cost-effective strategy for efficiency improvements tailored to the needs of the facility.

We continue to work with the facility to prove out our recommendations. We work directly with facility staff to make sure they understand the rationale behind and the meaning of all our audit recommendations and work directly to help make sure projects are a success.