Compressor Testing

Airometrix is dedicated to a rigorous and fact-based determination of compressor performance. Compressor testing using the LP Series Flow Meters gives accurate, reliable, and repeatable results. Compressors are tested at multiple load points taking simultaneous readings of flow, pressure, and power. Click here for more details on How to Test.

Full performance curves are generated, as well as identification of existing and optimal control setpoints. Testing covers all aspects of compressor operations including:

  • Performance load testing to chart inlet valve control, turndown, maximum flow/pressure, inlet and/or blowoff control and modulation, surge and stonewall, and simultaneous power consumption.
  • Evaluate compressor interstage cooling efficiencies, power efficiency, and condensate removal.
  • Evaluate compressor controls operation and valve calibration.

The type of compressor (positive displacement or dynamic), the manufacturer and model, controls in use, and other factors all influence the specific approach used for testing. To this end, we make certain we are appropriately monitoring and controlling the compressor during every aspect of testing to make sure the data we get is complete and accurate.

The accuracy for the LP series of meters is +-2% of the flow. If the individual valve positions are monitored and recorded for each flow measurement, an accuracy of +-0.75% of the reading can be obtained. If more accurate pressure gauges are used, the overall error can be reduced to as little as +-0.6% of flow. Note: the accuracy is not "full flow" accuracy as with most in-line flow meters. This is a % of value accuracy. i.e., the accuracy of a 4000 cfm meter at 3600 cfm flow is +-2% of flow or +-72 cfm; the accuracy of the same 4000 cfm meter used to measure a 100 cfm flow is still +-2% of flow or +-2 cfm.