End-use Application

Compressed Air End Uses

Generating air efficiently is only half the issue… How you use it is the other half.

There are many common, yet wasteful uses of compressed air in manufacturing facilities. In many of these applications, air use can be either reduced or eliminated by reducing pressure or volume, changing the technology to newer designs, using blowers and air boosters, installing receiver tanks, as well as other custom applications.

Opportunities for energy savings commonly exist when air is used for the following:
  • Blow-off of dust or debris from products, dust removal, and photo-eye cleaning
  • Conveyor belt cleaning
  • Drying products for labeling or measurement
  • Air-assist for moving product
  • Sparging
  • Air driven motors (except in hazardous areas)
  • Vacuum generation
  • Cooling (bearings, rotating equipment, parts)
  • Cabinet Coolers
  • Pumping

Many of these areas can be optimized by the proper application of air nozzles, air knives, pressure boosters, regulators, amplifiers, and low-pressure blowers.

Airometrix utilizes a holistic approach to analyzing air systems - from generation to drying to distribution to end-use.